A new year, time for a refresh and home renovation


Out with old in with the…not so brand new. At RenoMate we are all about upcycling, bringing to life old bits and bobs around the home and giving rooms a simple refresh or complete makeover!

Get organised

The new year is usually the period when we make resolutions to improve our lives. It’s also usually the time when we begin to think about making changes to our home. It could be simply decluttering the living room or making better use of space in the bedroom. 

In the RenoMate app find out how to make a doggy toy holder perfect for pet’s toys. You can also find out how to make a woven cane storage console unit, perfect for your living area here

Get creative

Remember sometimes by just changing the wall décor it can completely transform a room. Why don’t you give it ago? We’ll hold your hand and guide you through the steps. 

Here are some fun wall designs YOU can create from Renomate app.

credit: BYOT

credit: BYOT

credit: myclassyclutter

credit: myclassyclutter

A really easy way to make some changes in your home is also by rearranging your existing decor within your home. You can move your mirrors, artwork, throws and cushions from room to room which can bring a different and new feel to each room. Change your display on the coffee table or consoles to refresh the look of your home.

Or, what about creating beautiful indoor pots? 

In the RenoMate app find out how to paint some outdoor pots and use them inside!

credit: Marika Knows

credit: Marika Knows

Get renovating

Perhaps your furniture is looking a bit worn and tired but after Christmas, there’s no way you have the budget to buy brand-new high-end items. 

Well…luckily we have the likes of Amazon and Ikea! You can build your own coffee table, wardrobe or even storage unit like the one below.

credit: Megan Bell

credit: Megan Bell

credit: Jen O'brien

credit: Jen O’brien

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